Monday, 18 July 2016

The Universe Conspires..

They say when you want something really bad, the entire universe conspires to make it come true..

I am standing at the brink of an overwhelming experience yet again..and this time i want to take the plunge with faith, positivity & unlimited, unconditional love.. No, i am not wanting to do it under pressure, or desperation. I want to do it , because i feel it sinking into me. It's given me a feeling i haven't felt in years..I don't know what this is.. It's a risk, a chance, or just a leap of faith. Whatever it is, i want to take it.

For once in my life, i am not scared of facing something, i am only scared of not facing what it brings in. I am scared of not getting a chance to live this experience. I am scared of not giving it my complete self, before it saturates me. I am not asking my self, 'What happens if i do not grow up to love it?'. I am asking my self, "What if i kill it with my love?". I am scared of losing my sanity.. I am scared of exploding with joy! I am scared that it might not last..

So Dear Universe,

I have been good to you. And have never really bothered you with many desires or wants. On the complete contrary, i have helped you fulfill a few for others. It's payback time. And since you are the bigger being, i expect you to be generous. For once in my life, i want this to happen, and i want this to be joyful and the most pleasurable experience of my life, and i want it to last. If you do not know what i mean by now, i'd like to tell you that this is making me feel like i can be complete & whole; that the fragments in me can be put into place & the rhythm in me can play a song. I need your help. I need your blessings. I need you to make it come true. So conspire all you can. Reach out to every element that can connect us & urge them to do this with care, caution and nothing less that pure love. I deserve this, and who knows this better than you. I want this, and who understands this more than you.

Before this beautiful journey is over, dear universe, make sure you complete me, so i am liberated.

In complete Surrender


  1. ॥ॐ॥Be cool,calm & in tranquil, Just review your blog contents again! It is written in sheer frustration of an individuality,harassed by circumstances, it is better to be #SACRED THAN SCARED ! Believe in supreme,Lord of UNIVERSE, having complete surrender means No drastic unwanted actions are reactions! May god bless You,॥ॐनम:शिवायैॐ॥

    1. Thank you for your comments Anant ji. I appreciate you taking out time to read what i write. This is more of a prayer than anything frustrating. Being scared something very human and i see no harm in voicing a concern to the divinity in the universe. Thank you for your blessings.!

  2. ॥ॐ॥The blissful response on the comments made,It is the moment when elements, prayers and worships are heard by LordSHIVA THE UNIVERSE! Conspiring with him is not the matter NOW