Monday, 8 April 2013

Therapy for co-existence!!

I just recently completed a First level course in Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Dr. Bente Skovborg at the Art of living international centre, Bangalore.  I am not a medical professional nor do I have much knowledge in the field of human anatomy…but having seeing my loved ones in pain and feeling helpless about it, I have always had a desire to heal people, to help them get rid them of at least their physical pains and problems. With this intention and deepest desire, I approached Pujya Gurudev, for the first time in my life with a direct request, to do this course, HE obviously readily agreed and blessed me with the Prasad!  (I actually had a conversation with HIM!!..i still don’t know how!). After I got back from the ashram, I started my preparation with online studies and exams on various topics related to Human Anatomy and Physiology. Though I did score amazingly well (97.8%) in the exam, I was still too skeptical about putting this knowledge to practical use due to absolute lack of experience, and with a threat and fear of almost 80% medical professionals in the course starring at my silliness, I got all geared (swearing on Gurudev’s blessings, each moment I doubted myself) to take the plunge.
The entire journey through those 6 days was completely spiritual for me..though I did get petrified at times, when I heard those highly complex, tongue twisting names of muscle and illnesses from the highly knowledgeable classmates with medical backgrounds..but luckily I had company! A few more from the non-medical backgrounds giving blank stares to each other, like myself were a relief and complete fun to be with! By the end of those 6 days, we were all one big family in complete awe of the miraculously complex working of the Human body. All knowledge and ignorance was lost in the wonder of words Dr.Bente used to explain how just a finger, a touch or a stroke can have an impact on the complex physiological functions. It was so spiritual to know how each cell in the body understands and interprets the Human touch. Now that I am back, and practicing what I have learnt and I am able to make a difference to the quality of life of my friends and family all I can think of is the way in which the innumerable tiny cells, each one different from the other, work in our body each moment, in complete harmony and synchronization to get us through the day, healthily.
Unfortunately the scene outside our bodies, out in the world is not so similar. Do you know there are more than 50 trillion cells in your body, all working together, enabling you to read this sentence?!
Your cells don’t argue. They don’t question how things work. And they don’t engage in a debate about who’s smarter or more efficient. They just align together in beautiful harmony to allow the machine called “your body” to function at its highest possible level at any given moment. When the creator created Mankind he wanted this harmonious interplay in our outer world, too. Just like the cells putting in their complete effort to play their part well, we too needed to do just that! But...this it did not happen… Our differences were meant to be complimentary, instead they got contradictory. We were meant to work in harmony with Mother Nature and enjoy the creation...instead we began abusing the divine wonder play.  I am not looking for complete perfection, just a little less abuse, and some respect for the universe., for the flora and fauna, the diversity in cultures, the difference in people’s perception and lifestyles. I am simply looking for a globally, colorful and diverse symphony of mutually dependent inhabitants of planet Earth! Different from each other, yet together and happy!! And because we were created with that idealism in mind,  just pure intention and a few genuine steps..and the consciousness will conspire it to happen.
Every day our creative group of thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are working in Divine harmony with the energy of the Universe to create our lives.  By focusing our energy in a positive way, we are far more likely to generate good experiences. It’s that simple.. :) now that u don't need to be perfect, u just need to be you!

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  1. Blessed with and by the Guru Dev 's divine POWER vested ,the commitment and determination to perform in complete hormony with body and soul ,the virtual destiny can be reached as is evident from above narrations .The very synthesis of homonious relationship vis- vis co-existence Is thus established in you and you only!!!