Thursday, 14 March 2013

Books..Books.. Books.. BFFs!

Words are such a beautifully dangerous thing... i love reading..and i also try to pen down my thots in notes or poetry whenever i feel like...i strongly believe that my books choose me... whn i am really seeking answers to my lost thoughts, a book would just come to the form of a gift, or an impulsive buy, or from a long lost treasure chest, a friend, at the right time.. there are times whn i'd pick up a book just because someone recommended it and never read it or read it after months, just whn i needed wat it has to offer..and there are times whn i c a book which i've never heard abt or is tooo expensive bt i'd still buy it impulsively because i am so drawn  to it that i must read it then and there...They are my best books.. they never give up on me..

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