Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Only if you'd care to LISTEN!

In these tiring and trying times, there seems to be a run for almost everything. From work & money, to love & relationships, from friends & family, to health & healing, from knowing & learning, to even just being & experiencing. Everything needs to be 'worked on'! Nothing seems to come naturally and easily.. Though there are exceptions...people so warm and loving that 'cuddles' is probably their nickname! But that's a rarity!

In this crazy 'run', we seem to be losing the 'moments' in and around us...and as and when we do realize these 'moments' we have very few people to share them with, cos almost everyone who matters is running their own race. So as an when you get an ear, all you want to do is TALK'! All of us are so full of our stories, our moments and us, that we can explode at the minutest ear that is willing to just LISTEN! 

Whenever i talk to someone 'new' to me, i tend to 'listen' more than talk. Yes, i have observed this. Because one, their stories amaze me & two, i think i am playing counselor! Seriously! I keep getting a feeling that this person has been waiting to just tell his/her story since eons and i really need to help! So i tend to just listen! And once they've emptied their heart out and are ready to gather more tales..they leave..cordially...and i keep waiting for my turn..coz i have my stories too, you know! Brilliant ones for that matter. Better than theirs, well mostly! 

In this entire 'exchange' (hardly and exchange..no?), i either am inspired to share my story with the other person, if he/she are willing to listen, or i am too bored to dwell further.. There's hardly a time when the exchange is mutual, and i tend to make 'Friends!' 

Friendship is a two - way lane.. and 'listening' is the road map! So while you are on the prowl to find a perfect ear, make sure you keep cleaning yours well enough to not just 'hear' but 'LISTEN!" 

Coz only if you'd cared to also listen..there would have been so much more to 'US'..  


  1. Wow. Makes a lot of sense. Even before i start leading a life like that.

  2. You promise a cup of coffee and 30 minutes, and I promise you will not have to say this about that time...it will be your floor to speak :)

    1. If i know who this is...a coffee is not much..
      And i only speak after i've heard enough.. ;-)